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“...the action of making, and the outcome of a crafted object, connects cultures, communities and generations.”

Rosy Greenlees and Mark Jones, Forward to “Power of Making"


“...for some people making is critical for survival...”

Daniel Charny, “Power of Making”





I am inspired by form and the lines within it. Exploration of form in clay began for me back in primary education at the age of eight. Opportunities to study the mediums and processes of ceramics followed; and despite a prolonged foray into the virtual world of 3D, I have been drawn back into making.

In my current work I am exploring the form of objects from everyday life; slicing and cutting through them offers different perspectives on the expected. Their physical and visual aesthetics are held up for evaluation, and opportunities are presented for narrative or extended interaction. A requirement for functionality curbs self-indulgence and celebrates their intrinsic worth as objects.

Colour and surface treatment have begun to play a part, inviting humour and identification; not detracting from the form, but serving to spotlight it.


what | who | why